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Although the weather wasn’t the best I feel Earth Day had a great turnout from many students and several local residents. Residing in California Earth Day has always been a huge celebration starting off as a child. I remember the colorful festivals full of hippies, stores supporting the day by giving away green products like reusable bags, and the endless amount of “smoke” that hovered over the sky that day. It was hard seeing many students not very interested in the celebration. I got to enjoy the vast amount of posters in pierce hall trying to make the world a little greener. One of the more interesting posters was about starting your own worm decomposer. I remember one of my parents friends had one of these and I never understood why. I think this is something that is really beneficial and fun for kids to learn about because it’s a hand on experience and I remember being absolutely fascinated with worm decomposers being as a child. I also enjoyed the band that played during dinner time. For once the cafe had more healthy choices like portablla mushrooms, taboolie salad, and fresh fruits. It was definitely a nice change from the typical food they serve. Many friends and I enjoyed sat, eat food, and took in the music. I honestly didn’t want the band or the day to end. I’d have to say I’m spoiled back home because Earth Day in California is everyday. Communities are constantly trying to make the earth better with local farmers market, trading in cars for bikecycles, and by simply spreading the word. I hope that one day Franklin Pierce can become a more eco-friendly campus striving to have food and activities like they did at this years Earth Day Celebration. Taking in what the science department has taught me I found out more ways every day on building a bigger better “greener” planet. I hope Franklin Pierces celebration for Earth Day only get’s bigger,

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