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School Psychology Quarterly 2008, Vol. 23, No. 4, 571–586 Copyright 2008 by the American Psychological Association 1045-3830/08/$12.00 DOI: 10.1037/1045-3830.23.4.571 Examining the Effects of a Comprehensive Writing Program on the Writing Performance of Middle School Students With Learning Disabilities in Written Expression Merilee McCurdy Christopher Skinner University of Nebraska—Lincoln University of Tennessee Steuart Watson Mark Shriver University of Miami—Ohio University of Nebraska Medical Center Many students have difficulty in educational and employment settings because they have failed to master basic writing skills. Multiple-baseline across-tasks designs were used to evaluate the effects of the Comprehensive Writing Program (CWP), a multicomponent intervention, on the writing performance of all students (n 17) from 3 9th-grade special education classrooms. The CWP included direct instruction, assignment choice, increased practice, group rewards, and individual feedback. Assessment procedures were used to collect data on 3 target skills: percentage of sentences that (a) were complete sentences, (b) contained adjectives, and (c) were compound sentences. Results suggest that the CWP increased students’ performance on recently taught or retaught skills; however, not all increases were maintained. Discussion focuses on future applied and theoretical research designed to address limitations of the current study and to enhance the effectiveness of the CWP. Keywords: writing, written language, middle school students, learning disabilities, multiple baseline designs Writing skills are often needed to demonstrate learning (e.g., responding to exam items) and communicate across a variety of employment settings. The National Commission on Writing for America’s Families, Schools, and Colleges (2004) described writ-

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