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An easiest way to success Do you use fb? How much time you spend on fb? How much you earn from fb? Reason to join site talk. When we use fb, fb earns 80$ per login so we are providing a business to fb but fb not provide even a single $ to us. Similarly site talk earns 60$ per login but it provides a chance to live a better life .As we know that fb is a world famous site so in order to compete fb site talk used the idea of network marketing .By network marketing of site talk we can earn a handsome amount .Networking marketing means mouth to mouth advertisement by telling our friends we can earn handsome amount because site talk shares the amount from us which the earn from us. What should we do? We have to do nothing just to tell our friends to use site talk along with fb. Plan When we join site talk we are provided a working tree on www.unaico.com This tree shows our earning as Calculation of our earnings We can earn from site talk 10% of lower side per week. Explanation • Check your tree. • See which side is lower. 10% of lower will be you’re per week earnings. Example: Suppose your tree is 300/420. Lower side is 300. 10% of 300 = 30 so, your per week earning is 30€ .1€ =130 PKR So, 30€ =3900PKR. Method of payment You will receive you earnings through master card just like an ATM card. The price of this card is 19000 but you will receive this card free when you reach at 1000/1000. Sign up is totally free Training By the working of an hour daily you can reach at 1000/1000(13000 RS per week) just in 10days. How? • Just sign up only tow members in a day (only 1st day) • Work on duplication. • You will reach at 1000/1000 As, Sign up only two members in day at the time of your joining Ask your members to sign up just two members (only once at 1st day) then work with your

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