Early Years Provisions Essay

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Early Years Provision EYMP4 1.1 Early Years Provision EYMP4 1.1 Nurseries Nurseries provide full day care and education for children as young as six weeks old to five years old. Most nurseries open to parents and children around 7am to 6pm. They are run by local community organisations (often with financial assistance from the local authority) or by charities such as Barnardo’s and Save the Children. Nurseries are ideal if: -You feel happiest leaving your child with a team of professional staff trained in Childcare, -You want a stimulating environment for your child with the opportunity to build social skills with similar aged children, -You need your care to be 100% reliable -You want community of care (your child could stay at the day nursery until school age). Child-minder’s Child-minder’s can be full or part time and offer day care for children of all ages. However, this kind of childcare does cost which is usually from £3.50 an hour. The child-minder would be self-employed and the venue of the childcare would more than likely be at their own home. Pre-school playgroups Pre-school playgroups are usually open from 9am to 12:30am and 12:30pm to 3pm and are free of charge for three to five year olds. They are part-time and are held in community facilities. This kind of childcare is run by a committee of parents. Crèches A Crèche is a childcare centre where babies, toddlers and young children are cared for in a safe and stimulating surrounding. The costs related to a crèche are very dependent on where the crèche is and also what it has to offer. However, prices usually start from no charge up to £3 an hour. This childcare facility is open to any type of family and is usually run in supermarkets, work places, colleges etc... Parent and Toddler Groups Parent and toddler groups are a great place to meet mums with children your child’s
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