Early Years Essay

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Nimisha Patel Student Number UKDLP1402 EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION LEVEL 3 COURSE ASSIGMENT NUMBER 1 UNIT 1 Child development Postal Address: Ms Nimisha Patel 12 LLANOVER ROAD WEMBLEY MIDDLESEX HA9 7LJ 1. Summarise the physical development of a child between birth and eleven months. Babies – turn head when he hears a loud sound he will also turn head to see familiar faces Babies also slowly develop the ability to hold own head up Make movement with arms and legs and which in time becomes stronger 3-4 months At 3 months the child should be able to when put on belly the child of which concerned should be able to lift his or hers head first then his or her chest using the support of his or hers upper arms for support, he is also to lie on his back the child is able to hold both arms and legs into the air for longer periods of time and may begin to attempt to suck on to his feet. Now that he learnt how to use his pincer grip to pick up objects he I s now begging to pass objects from hand to hand ,this giving him the time to get know to which hand he is comfortable using the most and which hand is the strongest to hold all of his toys both small and big. 5-6 months The child is beginng to grasp objects with his hand and is starting to put everyday objects into his mouth objects such as rattles or smaller toys into his mouth when an opportunity arises. The child can now move toys from one hand to the other without any difficulties also known as fine motor skills. An example of a gross motor skill would be when he at six months rolling onto his back form back to front. 6-9 months the child is now able to grasp objects with index fingers and thumb, an child of this age also enjoys dropping items on the floor to see what would happen next

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