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Early year’s foundation stages The early years foundation stages are also known as the ‘EYFS’. The EYFS was first released in 2008 with 4 main principles of learning and 6 areas of development. The 4 main principles of learning is ‘a unique child, Positive relationships, enabling environment and learning and development.’ And the 6 areas of development are ‘personal, social and emotional development, communication, language and literacy, physical development, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy, creative development and knowledge and understanding of the world’. This has now been realised in September 2012. The 4 main principles stayed the same but the 6 areas of development changed to 7 areas of development which are now in two categories, which are prime areas and specific areas. They are 3 prime areas which are ‘personal social and emotional development, communication and language and physical development’ and there is four specific areas which are ‘literacy, numeracy, expressive art and design and understanding of the world.’ Communication and language has changed from communication language and literacy so that we can focus on the way the children communication with us and with their peers and how their language can progress as they are starting to talk more. It has also been separated so we can focus on the children’s literacy, the way they pick up on books and stories that we tell them and whether they can distinguish between the different marks they make. Another area of development that’s changed is numeracy; this is so the children can focus on numbers and measuring things. Another one that’s changed is expressive art and design. This is so it doesn’t mean just painting and creative things; it can be anything that expresses themselves to us and their parents through artwork. Another one that’s changed is understanding of the world, this is so the

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