Early Slavery in Mississippi Essay

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FEB 6 2014 Slavery and Frontiers Mississippi 1720-1835 Slavery in Mississippi has a very interesting beginning in the state. The indigenous people of the region did practice slavery to some extent. The Native Americans however did not use the same practices of the Europeans. The Europeans maintained slavery for its means of profitability but the native Americans only had slaves as a luxury. The Indians did not really differentiate the Europeans and the slaves that they brought with them to the newly discovered lands. The Indians seemed to view them as both as outsiders coming into their territory. The French was the first to settle into Mississippi and with them they brought slaves with them to work the lands. The French settled what is the area of Mississippi now is known as Natchez. The french found that the land there was extremely fertile and worked well to grow things. The first official plantation is established by the Company of the Indies. The company recognized that they would need a labor force for the labor intensive plantation activities. The majority of the slaves used came from the Senegambia area of western Africa. The British were the next to arrive not shortly after the French. The British envisioned plans that consisted of commercial agriculture. The population of the British grew very quickly and with that so did the numbers of the slave population. William Dunbar turns to Jamaica to help supply his need for slaves to satisfy his day to day operations. Dunbar would use his slaves to clear timber and to grow various crops on his plantation. John Fitzpatrick is another gentleman that was very active in the region at this time also. Fitzpatrick's main contribution was that he was instrumental in the slave trafficking of the region at this time. Indigo and tobacco were being grown around this time but neither proved to be a staple that

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