Early Releasing in Jails and Prisons Essay

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My thesis is about early releasing in jails and prisons, and is it a good solution to overcrowding? The reason I choose this subject is for the simple fact that this is on the list as another major problem that not just the U.S. is dealing with right now and it seems that nobody even has a solution to solving this issues. It’s been going on for so long now that I honestly think that most people are just trying to forget about the problem and hoping that it will go away on its own. This thesis paper will question whether or not people that are behind bars need to be let out early for any reason. And to inspect what is another way they can deal with overcrowding. The main points that this paper will address is, what is causing this problem? Best Ways to Keep Jails from Overcrowding, why does this matter? And some statistics… etc other focus in this paper will be one the lighter side saying how this just might be a good thing. This paper will show the pros and cons from both sides debating which one is the best solution if there is any solution at all. The U.S. is not the only place that is having this overcrowding problem. Places like Honduras, Latin America, and elsewhere in Central America. Stuart Wilson the author of “Prison overcrowding in Cayman not extreme” (17 February, 2012) wrote A fire that ravaged a Honduran prison killing hundreds of inmates housed in an overcrowded facility has raised concern about overcrowding in Her Majesty’s Prison at Northward. There is overcrowding at the Northward facility in Grand Cayman. However, according to officials at the prison, the situation is not as extreme as that of other countries in the region. At last count, there were 209 inmates in the Northward facility, while the certified national accommodation of

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