Early Marriege Essay

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Early marriage When we think about marriage we think about stabilization and reassurance, finding the other side of us to rely on seeking for love and security. But when some people search for marriage too young consequences might be disastrous for many social and personal reasons. Firstly, one of the most dangerous outcomes of early marriage is the withdrawal of girls from formal education .When a girl reaches the age around ten; her parents have already arranged a wedding for her and have taken her out of school to prepare the girl to be wed and to have children. At the age of ten a girl is not fully matured, nor is she well educated. Education is one of the largest losses to a girl if she is married young. Not only does a girl lose her education, but she also experiences an emotional adversity. From the point of birth, girls are made to think that their only job in life is to get married and to have children. Being forced to marry someone can often create unhappiness in both the male and female. If they are unhappy with each other then the relationship can turn in to an abusive relationship, causing things to become worse. Sometimes a girl can not take the abuse any more from her husband so she ends up committing suicide or running away with her children. Early marriage for young children makes them often alienated from society, leaving them alone in life with no friends. Getting married early means to stick to anew responsibilities. Parent are no more interested in getting friends they only care about raising their children and earn enough money to In a nutshell, the lack of education, poor social skills, and emotional adversity are all effects of early marriage that lead to a poor life of innocent child. So we should respect children's rights giving them a chance to live a chance to sour away in the endless world, achieving their own

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