Early Literacy Development in Children Essay

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FACTORS PROMOTING EARLY LITERACY DEVELOPMENT IN CHILDREN Factors Promoting Early Literacy Development in Children Britani Gayle Moneague College-Port Maria Campus In partial fulfillment of the requirements for LA100PR Mr. N Nelson October 10, 2012 It is imperative that a child’s literacy development begins at an early age. Literacy development is the growth of an individual’s writing and reading skills. There are many factors erected to implement early literacy development in children. Some of these include phonological awareness, print motivation and Narrative skills. The process of developing early literacy in children would not be possible without phonological awareness. In phonological awareness one is able to hear a particular word and break it up into syllables so as to spell the word by just listening to the letter sound, this gives one the ability to identify letters and its corresponding sounds. A child who understands phonological awareness has it easy when learning to read as stated in Strickland 1998. In order for a child to comprehend oral language, he/she should have the ability to point out phonemes, syllables and rhymes. To aid in this development, the use of nursery rhyme is a great strategy and has found to be very effective. Sing along can also be utilized to bring across this concept as they break words into syllables which is easier for the child to grasp. Implementing this technique, allows the child to better illustrate words as they pass across the screen. The Florida Reading Quarterly states that print motivation is a child’s interest in using printed materials such as books and is elated when doing so. One will find that these children, who enjoy reading, will be a lot more interested when reading with parents and peers. When these children have the experience of sharing books with diverse

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