Early Jamestown Essay

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Life in Early Jamestown wasn’t so easy for the English colonists, but most of their actions had severe consequences. In the year 1607, it was the season of spring when settlers from England had sailed along the James River in the Chesapeake Bay and had reached the shores of Virginia. But after they had settled there, most of the colonists who arrived had died. What could be the cause of death of so many English settlers in Early Jamestown? There are three main reasons as to why this problem came to be, those reasons are: The lack of needy occupations, living in an unhealthy environment, and the relationship with their Native neighbors. Here is what we know. First of all, when the English colonists reached their destination and dubbed it Jamestown, they were missing a certain something that relates to why they died. That something is the lack of occupation skills. Most of the men that came were gentlemen, as in, men who didn’t work as much. Explains why they lacked so many needy occupations. They also had no women, so the colonists couldn’t cook. There were no farmers to grow crops, so they didn’t have any food. They did have one surgeon, but that didn’t help at all since they only had one. The colonists also didn’t have any Apothecaries (druggists) to cure diseases that the settlers caught, which brings me to my next topic, environment issues. But without certain skills, their survival was complex. Although the colonists had trouble with their lack of occupations, their problems with the environment didn’t make things better. The diseases that they caught were from the water they had drank from and bathed in. Sure they disposed their waste away from their settlement, but high tides would wash it into their “water supply”. Fish became contaminated and couldn’t be eaten. The water also became brackish, which is salty. This is another reason why the colonists had
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