Early Humans Essay

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Early Humans Physical anthropologists have just discovered something new about early humans. Humans before us were a good deal bigger in size than we are today. From the findings of human fossils in Spain and in China researchers have found that humans before us had thicker, longer, and broader pelvises in both males and females. Scientists believe this was probably due to the way their conditions made them the way they were. In order to live where they did they had to adapt to the colder climate. The male fossil showed that the pelvis was big enough to pass a newborn baby of today’s size through its canal. The female also had a large passage, which meant it could allow the passage of an even larger baby than that of today. Both the male and female were about the same height of that of today’s people but that they were much heftier. Scientists were able to determine the body weight of a male to be about 210 pounds and the female to weigh about 170 pounds, obviously much heavier than the average man and woman of today. A different fossil found in China was carbon-dated and found to be 280,000 years old. At first it was believed to be male but with more research they found the head shape to be that of a female from that time frame. From all these fossil findings, anthropologists went back and carefully looked at other fossils that showed some of the same traits in their body size. These were made up of elongated pelvis and heavier body mass in relation to that of their height. This they believe was due to the adaptation to the cold climate they had to endure. As time progressed human pelvises began to shrink showing evolutionary change and a warmer climate coming. Through the new findings anthropologists were able to look at these human skeletons and come to the conclusion that early humans were more bulky and weighed more because of the
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