Early Crises of Pakistan Essay

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Early Crises of Pakistan By: Faizan Khalid 14F-8215 Introduction Pakistan came into bring after struggle, hardship and loss of millions of lives. Pakistan was carved out in desperate urgency and so the people had to face different problems, the cost was heavy in terms of human suffering but now they got what they’ve wanted. They now had the freedom to worship and to develop their culture. Now the muslims could have a better standard of living, economic development and prosperity. Pakistan had to face a number of problems, some immediate but others were long term Early Problem * Unjust awards The Radcliffe award was biased. Punjab was devided into east and west punjab, however the muslim majority areas such as Batala, Gurdaspur and Pathankot were given to India and Pakistan only got Shakargarh. Once again Congress got what it wanted, the Muslim majority cities like Ferozepore, Ajnala, Nakodar, Zira, Jullundhar and parts of Kasur. * Administerative Problems Pakistan is a fairly large state and the fact that it was devided by a stip of Indian land that was almost 400Km apart. East Pakistan and West Pakistan was very difficult to run and to administer as a single state, the people of east and west Pakistan had different culture, language tradition and beliefs. Furthermore, there was shortage of equipments, offices and as well the people with experience to do the specific jobs. * Arrival of Refugees When the boundaries were drawn between Pakistan and India, many people found themselves at the opposite side of the boundary. This created a frantic rush and people left their

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