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early civilization Essay

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  • on October 9, 2008
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Writing was the key tool in early civilization. Writing also distinguished the early civilization from each other because everyone had a different writing system. If a civilization knew how to read and write they could communicate with each other making it easier to cooperate in making their lives better. It could also help them communicate with people outside their civilization and trade with them. Writing also preserved the past so that the present day people can know what life was like in early civilizations because it was recorded. This was very important because the civilizations could build on the past and get more and more advance. As Neolithic people started living together small towns formed. Soon after that cities formed and a great number of people were living in the same area. These were the first cities to be formed in the history of man. It was a huge advance during that time. To support the large population there had to be a reliable food source, so the farmers had to   produce a surplus of food so that everyone had enough to eat. As the populations of cities got bigger and bigger the farmers had to produce more and more food. This meant that many people had to become farmers to make sure that there is enough food for. To do this new and improved tools had to be made to make farming more efficient. This led to the invention of the wheel which was a huge creation that benefited the farmers greatly. With the advancing of tools, farming because more efficient than before which supplied enough food for everyone. With the increase in population the Neolithic people soon created a government which kept the cities organized and made decisions for the people. The government impacted the Neolithic people in the way that they were far more unified than they ever were. The government shaped a large civilization into a city that worked together and counted on each other for support. This is how modern day people function. We live with others and everyone...

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