Early Christians Persecutions Essay

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What does the word ‘Persecution’ mean? There is no uniform definition for the term “persecution.” While different courts have attempted to define the term, its meaning has remained frustratingly elusive. Most people, even those with no immigration background, have some idea about what persecution means. They know to equate persecution with inflicted suffering. But beyond a general understanding that persecution is tied in some way to suffering, it’s much harder to pinpoint persecution’s precise meaning. Some believe that persecution can be ideological, political or physical. Ideological because it can, stop people from attending churches, prayer groups, claiming Christianity is homophobic. It can also be banning bibles and other Christian literature, websites or media and media manipulation against Christians. Political because there can be a passing of laws that make it difficult to practice or preach Christianity. Finally, the main one that everyone thinks of is physical persecution which is imprisonment, punishment or death for being Christian. Physical persecution is the one of which the Early Christians suffered from, though political and ideological persecution are more modern definitions of persecution. In, the end, I believe that there is not only one meaning of persecution, but that there are many opinions and thoughts about the meaning of the word, ‘persecution.’ Who Suffered from the Early Christians’ Persecutions? Those who have believed in the one God of heaven and earth have continually been persecuted by rulers and kings since time began. However, when we speak of early Christian persecution, we are referring to the time following Jesus Christ's suffering and persecution for His Church - His death on the cross. He paid the price for all of our sins, He was spat upon, beaten beyond recognition, humiliated, and finally nailed to a cross like a

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