Early Childhood Education

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Young children go through many different stages of their life to help them understand why certain things happen. The developing mind of a child is something interesting educators of these young children take the time to understand what’s actually on in the young mind. Part of being an educator is being able to show respect, care, trust, and determination. These are the main qualities teachers need to have in order to have a successful teaching environment. Children brain development relies on attachment and play. Being an early childhood educator means being prepared for the engagement and responsibilities that will come along with dealing with young children. Teachers play an important role in young children’s development process. Casper and Thielheimer(2010) says, “Work with young children demands complete engagement…paying attention to what children do, concentrating to understand what they and their families say, and trying to put aside distracting worries and joys” (p.9). Part of being a professional early childhood educator is being able to set aside personal problem that may cause a distraction. The complete focus needs to be on the children so that they can contribute to the children’s needs and expectations of a good teacher. Children look for a teacher to be able to show care, protection, and loyalty. When educators master these basic qualities, they would be prepared when dealing with the different levels of emotions and experiences that would be present throughout the early childhood environment. These different aspects allow the educator to think if this is the profession for them. An early childhood educator will at some point in their career come in contact with diverse cultural backgrounds, learning styles, and challenges. Different cultures and shows how our world is changing. Casper and Thielheimer say, “Respect for children is a personal
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