Early Childhood Education Essay

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Learning is a very dynamic process and is has been proven to be most effective if it begins at an early age and continues throughout adulthood. Although education and the gaining of skills is a life long process, starting early in life is important. We all know that today’s children will become tomorrow’s citizens, employees, and parents. When our children’s are denied opportunities to reach their maximum potential, it harms not only the child, but also the economy, which depends completely on having a skilled and productive workforce. If we as a whole fail to provide children’s with what they need today to build a strong foundation for a healthy and productive life, we put our future success at risk. Therefore when we invest wisely in our children today, the next generation will pay that back. This country needs to have more accessible and free preschool programs to give every child the opportunities they deserve to become good citizens and good employees. Brain growth at this age occurs rapidly, that’s why we need to advocate for these programs. These programs will enhance child development and will help diagnose and treat different developmental disorders. Children learn more in their first five years of life than in any other five-year period (Melzoff) describes children as “just like little sponged during the first 2000 days of life.” Science tells us that the experiences we have in the first years of our lives affects the physical architecture of the developing brain. What this means is that brains aren’t just born they built over time based on our life experiences. I will compare this with a house just like a house needs a solid foundation to support the walls and the roof a brain needs a good base to support all future development. Therefore positive interactions between young children’s and their parents and relatives also help build the

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