Early Childhood Education Essay

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Early Childhood Education Children have always been my target of interest. They’re so spontaneous and eager to learn. I’m the youngest of 5 siblings. I was a spoiled brat, having four older siblings, well until my niece and nephews were born. Then it was play time. I enjoy toddlers and children spending time with toddlers and young children. My very first job was at our community center’s summer camp. I got to work with the same group of children everyday all summer long. I was in heaven. This could possibly be a good career choice. I relate well with children. Children seemed to be attracted to me and show an eagerness to learn. This job got me thinking about my future. Become a teacher or run my own daycare. The second year I worked at summer camp I interacted with various age groups of children ranging from age 3 to age 12. It was then I realized my connection was with the younger children, age 3 to age 7. After age 7 it becomes more of a chore to interact with ages 8 through 12. After age 7 they start to want to be all independent and figure things out on their own. At the ages I like, they look up to you as a role model and admire you. That’s an amazing feeling. During my high school years, my sister, Heather, was going to college for early childhood education. After she graduated with her degree she was able to secure a job teaching immediately. It was then I decided to start taking child development and child care classes my junior and senior years of high school. It was very interesting learning how to present age appropriate information to children and how children desire for knowledge increases when delivered to them in the right way. One of my child development courses required we go to the early childhood development center in our school district called Grace. I was always eager to attend school on the days we would go Grace. Twice a week in

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