Early Childhood Education Essay

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Throughout the world there are many rules and regulations that each and every childcare center have to obey each and every day. Some studies show that teachers in childcare are no longer just called teachers or providers they are now called educators. (Mason and Van Sack ,2009). Many rules that childcare provider have to follow are for the safety of the children. Child staff ratios have to be followed, proper medical coverage for each and every employee has to be meet, and proper care for each and every child. When working in a childcare center each employee have to treat each child just like it is there own child. The brochure (“ North Carolina Childcare Law and Rules”, 2007) noted that childcare centers must keep accurate records such as children’s attendance, immunization, and emergency phone numbers. It also states that a record of monthly fire drills practiced with safe evacuation of children must be maintained. A safe sleep policy must be developed for each infant and signed by each parent. Each center must have a policy on discipline. And the policy must be read by each and every parent and signed showing that they understand the policy and the policy guidelines. (“The North Caroline Child Care Law and Rules”, 2007) states that the administrator of a childcare center much be at least 21 years of age, and have at least a North Carolina Early Childhood Administration Credential or its equivalent. It also states that the Lead Teacher must also have an North Carolina Early Childhood Credential or its equivalent and be at least 18 years of age. Ratios are the number of children you have to the staff. Child/Staff ratios have to be meet in each classroom. Childcare centers that are based out of the state of North Carolina have policies and procedures that they have to follow when caring for children

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