Early Childhood Education Essay

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Early Childhood Education Although development is holistic, meaning all parts of it's make-up are interconnected in some way or another, many of its factors and traits are made easier for scientific study by separation into the “Three Domains of Human Development.” As previously stated though, most factors do not pertain to only one domain of human development, they can stretch to others, if not to all three. The 1st is biosocial development, or biological development. This domain includes the growth occurring in the human body, and all the factors that affect these changes. Changes including, genetic, and nutritional, and also other factors such as basic human motor function. Something as simple as picking up a pencil pertains to this domain in development. The 2nd is cognitive development. This domain's factors are easily assumed in its name, including all mental (cognitive) processes a human uses to obtain, store, use knowledge, and or think about ones environment. The last, but in my opinion, most effecting factor of the human developmental domains is psychosocial development. This area of development includes important, but more stationary factors of development, such as emotional disposition, and social skills. Some of the most important factors of the psychosocial domain are the big ones that seem to play the biggest role in the developing mind of a child. These are, family, community, who one chooses to surround themselves with, and the community the child is in. The part of chapter 1 that intrigued me the most was the idea of looking at human development from a scientific standpoint, instead of something that is unmeasurable, and cannot be put to scientific tests. Using the scientific method when dealing with developing minds, I think, is the best idea possible. It would leave NO room for bias. Bias seems to be something in this area of study that could

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