Early Belief Systems Essay

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* Archaeologists find physical proof of religion * People tried to explain natural world around them * 20,000ya, people tried to communicate with gods * Artifacts/ cave paintings show people ritualing to commun. * Religions * Originally based on nature’s power * Then Tribe power, others, etc * People start to question god, existing ideas * Types * Animistic beliefs developed- animals, nature has spirits * Anything w/ extraordinary characteristics (Japan) * Shaman (japan) try to communicate with spirit world * Religious authority related to political authority * Religious legend affect political structure * Other people also used animism and shamanism * Common background for emerging of religion * Cultures of nature religion shifted to theoretical and philosophical * Created by vast connection of different people * Greek gods- more philosophical (Socrates try to use reason) * New political idea- aristocracy where phils rule nation * Ideas on human comm, trying to figure out nature, reason * Greece commoners still trusted nature gods * China * Confucius tried to make code on human position * Shift thinking- ancestors to reasoning (life vs death) * Social harmony rather than harmonies with god * More challenging of the accepted ideas in M.E. and India (contact) * India- indo European invaders- mix culture- hindusim * Philosophical background, but has god * Affect Buddhism * Good vs bad religion- Zoroaster, try and depict human life * Afterlife developed- pass on to Judaism and Christ * Judaism- good vs bad, monotheism developed * Laws of religion and (natural) punishment for not following *

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