Early and Middle Adulthood Essay

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Early and Middle Adulthood Francisco Del Angel PSY/280 February 15, 2013 Shannon Hilligoss Early and Middle Adulthood In this paper, early and Middle adulthood will be compared and contrasted. It will show how the decisions made earlier in age may or may not affect people. This paper will go through the changes of social and intimate relationships in these two different age frames as well as the various role changes people in this age group might encounter. It’ll talk about health problems and the reasons for these problems. In early adult hood the age range is 18-25. Around this time frame people tend to break away from social ties and begin to become independent from their parents. They move out the house and go to college or simply get their own apartment to gain ultimate independence. They choose not to be committed to anyone, like a serious girlfriend to avoid marriage or children. It was thought that in order to be intimate you were to be serious with someone and possibly get married and have children. However early adults are beginning to discover that marriage and parenthood are only two of several ways paths to go through when in search of intimacy. One of the main sources of intimacy for emerging adults is friendship. This is especially true for those who do in fact break away from their parents and choose not to be married or have children of their own. Usually men and women prefer friends of the same sex so they can participate in same sex activities to form a stronger bond. For example men would play sports with each other and women will talk about problems in their lives at that moment. It’s all a support system that is proven to be beneficial. Although Lenton and webber made the distinction that contemporary emerging adults have one or two cross-sex friendships and several more nonsexual same sex relationships. Thanks to technology young

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