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Early American Literature 1860 to 1890 Essay

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  • on April 19, 2009
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Throughout the 18th century there were few people who paved the way to the new American republic and its development as a society, without these patriotic Americans our nations past may have taken a different towards our future.
Next to Washington the most conspicuous and most widely useful of Americans throughout the eighteenth century was Benjamin Franklin. He was perhaps the most typical American of his time; certainly he was the most versatile man of affairs and the most charismatic of the entire famed group who helped to guide the nation in that troubled age. Through the first half of the 18th century he lived the quiet life of a thrifty, perceptive businessman, at the same time taking an interest in matters of public moment and presenting the most original model of good citizenship that can be found. Poor Richard's Almanac had three effects on society. Firstly, Franklin's maxims were accepted as guidance, inspiring people to live better lives. Secondly, Franklin closed the gap between the educated and the uneducated. The uneducated reading the almanac were given a thirst for knowledge, a thirst they could pursue. This empowered individuals to take it upon themselves to determine their own lives. With out a doubt, Franklin inspired many to live good and just lives, and inspired some to make their own contributions to society. Finally, Franklin's maxims survived from the time they were first printed to the present day. How many people these maxims have impacted on during the course of these years is impossible to estimate, but no doubt many have, and continue to have, their lives changed by accepting the wise words of Franklin.

Thomas Paine was a renowned pro-American writer and author of some of the most persuasive texts of the American Revolution. In these texts, he used “plain” language in an attempt to engage people of all classes in the struggle for American independence and for a rejection of government based on hereditary monarchy. It is difficult to...

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