Early American Imperialism

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THE PUSHTUN The Pushtun are a nomadic people that primarily congregate in Afghanistan, although they are gradually being incorporated into Afghanistan's larger cities. The exact population of the Pushtun is unknown because of mountain villages and such, however, it is estimated to be around seven to nine million. THE HISTORY OF AFGHANISTAN BEFORE ISLAM EVENTS One of the first significant pre-Islam events was named "Alexander the Great invasion" in 328 BC. This was one of the many conquests of Alexander the Great. The first Muslim-Arab Conquests began in 652-664 AD. These people were likely the ancestors of most ethnic afghans currently living in Afghanistan and the surrounding area. AFTER ISLAM EVENTS In 1504 - 1525 AD, Babur invaded Afghanistan and established the capital in Kabul. The Russians Occupied Panjdeh in1885. Following that, the Russians occupied Zulfiqar and Aqobat and took Panjdeh. This was the first, and not the last act of aggression by the Russians. RECENT HISTORY OF AFGHANISTAN In1919, Amir Amanullah Khan declared a holy war against British Imperialism for Independence of Afghanistan. The treaty of Rawalpondi on August 8, 1919, Recognized Afghanistan's political independence. The Afghan-Russian treaty was signed on February 28, 1921 A treaty of friendship signed by Afghanistan and Soviet Union and…show more content…
The object of the game is to bring the carcass back to the player's own side. The winner of the match gets to keep the goat as food. This is a very difficult game and is much too challenging for the younger men. Other sports include tent pegging, Topay danda, a game that is similar to stickball, and kitefighting, a youth's game. The object of kitefighting is to break the opponent's string by gluing shards of broken glass to the player's kite string and flying it into the opponent's kite

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