Earl Warren Court DBQ Essay

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Throughout history, America has had many US Supreme Court Marshalls. Probably one of te most famous, has to be Earl Warren. Under Warren Court there were many extremely important changes made. Many of these changes pertained to segregation. While Earl Warren was Supreme Court Marshal, many laws involving school desegregation and religion in the classroom were dealt. These two topics are probably the most famous and remembered topics of all time. After African Americans were given their freedom, they were certainly still not treated equally. Segregation was highly prevalent in the United States until the warren court came around. During warren court they would pass the case Brown v. Board of Eduction which finally desegregated public schools (doc1). Youth minorities who have lived their whole lives not knowing what it's like to go to school with different races, will finally be able to have culture in their lives. Thanks to Brown v. Board, segregation would forever be banned in public schools. Even after all these laws were passed many blacks still had a lot of issues with being treated fairly. In Arkansas troops had to protect black youths because people were treating them awfully. (Doc 3)…show more content…
This time, religion and prayer in the school. With the extreme amount of cultures displayed in our countries public schools many people did not feel it was right to have one specific prayer present. When engale v vitale was passed, banning prayer, in school, many people were enraged. (Doc 4). Even when voluntary, prayer in school would be considered unconstitutional (doc 5). When people were reacting harshly to this decision, President JFK suggested simply praying more while at home. Another major controversy was displaying religious figures or symbols in public places. One example was the display of the Ten Commandments (doc 6). Religion is certainly a very controversial
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