Eagles (Christian Approach)

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Eagles Eagles are some of the mightiest birds in the world. These creatures are some of the world’s largest birds of prey, and an eagle will be sometimes referred to as the “lord of the sky”. Eagles are powerful predators with amazing eyesight, light bodies, and soaring wings. Each has sharp talons and dagger-like beaks. The scientific name for an eagle is Accipitridae. There are four basic types of eagles are Snake, Harpy, Booted, and Fish/Sea eagles. Baby eagles are known as eaglets. Also, the female eaglets are larger than the male eaglets. In total, there are about 74 different types of eagles in the world. Some animals have a special name for their young. In this case, the babies are called eaglets, but sometimes they are also called fledglings. It takes approximately 35 days for an eaglet to hatch. Most baby eaglets are ready to leave their nests at about 4-6 months old; however, baby eagles learn to fly at about 2 months old! Female eagles lay from 1-3 eggs at a time. The parents will stay together their whole lives and have more children after all the baby eaglets fly away to begin living in their own nests. I bet you didn’t know that when a pair of eagles leaves their nest, other eagles live in it and even expand it. Well, I sure didn’t. An eagle nest is called an Aerie. A female eagle usually lays 2 eggs at a time, but the elder eaglet occasionally eats its sibling. Sometimes, the father eagle sits on the nest. Eaglets grow rapidly because of the parents feeding the baby eagles a lot of food. A bald eagle nest can weigh up to almost 3 tons, and can be 20 feet deep and 10 feet long. Because of the fact that when some eagles leave a nest and others inhabit it, the tenets keep building onto the nest. It takes about 35 days for an eagle to hatch. Just because eagles are birds of prey, that doesn’t mean that they can’t become the prey. Even so, there

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