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Eagle Strike By: Anthony Horowitz Eagle Strike was published in 2003. Damian Cray, a world-famous pop star, hopes to destroy the world's drug-making countries by hijacking the United States' nuclear arsenal. Suspicious of him, Alex takes Cray on without the help of the skeptical MI6. Cray releases a state-of-the-art games console called the 'Game slayer'. Its first game, 'Feathered Serpent', is much more than it seems. Alex finds the Sloterdijk factory near Amsterdam in Holland and makes an important discovery. He battles the real-life reconstruction of 'Feathered Serpent' at the factory, before being captured by Cray himself. Cray sets off a number of missiles that will destroy almost half the earth and Alex has to stop them. Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz Eagle Strike is about a fifteen year old British teenager by the name of Alex Rider. At the beginning of the Alex Rider series (Stormbreaker) he loses his uncle, who was a spy for MI6 (MI6 is a British intelligence agency which is the CIA of Britain) and was killed in action. Finding this out he is recruited into MI6 as their youngest spy. However this time is different, he is going on his own personal mission without the authorization of MI6. Alex Rider goes lone in this book, due to his suspicion of peace activist Damian Cray, who has been known to donate thousands of dollars to charity. However Alex doesn't trust Cray, he just seems too good to be true. Does he really want to help people or something else? In hope to find this information he requests permission from MI6 to investigate. When MI6 says no he disobediently goes anyway to find out more. He wants to find out if Cray is who he says he is. Alex learned that Cray was releasing a brand new virtual reality video game at an upcoming party. Alex found his way in to the invite only party. Soon after entry, Cray just so

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