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Ethan McCord Pd.3 Prompt 2 The most important thing I have ever achieved is attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. Becoming an Eagle Scout isn't just earning a rank; it's achieving a way of life. To become an Eagle Scout, one must fulfill numerous requirements, the most important being a project led by the scout. The minimum time of being in the BSA program is ten months. The ranks leading up to it--which are (from lowest to highest) Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, and Life--must be earned. Twelve specific merit badges and an additional nine merit badges of one's choosing must also be earned. The Scout Oath, Motto, and Law must be committed to memory and be followed to even be considered to become an Eagle Scout. For my project, I coordinated with an animal shelter, Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary, and built cat trees for their facility. I sought out different home development and woodwork companies for donations of materials to build the cat trees. The cat trees were designed, then help from peers, friends, family, fellow scouts, church members, and anyone who was interested in my project was solicited to construct the cat trees. Once the trees were built, my troop leader and I delivered them to Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary and hauled away their old trees to be thrown away. The total amount of time logged in for the entire project was 219 hours. On completion of the project and the attaining of the Eagle Scout rank, I developed management, leadership, communication, organizational, and public speaking skills. I had to overcome my fears of speaking as an adult with adults, develop good work ethics, and become more organized. My career as a scout did not stop as soon as I received the Eagle Scout award; I learned service to others is one of the most accomplishing things I have ever done. I am still active in my troop and am a role model

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