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1. What are the standout economic characteristics of the macro-environment of the U.S. hotel lodging industry? The stand out economic characteristic of the macro-environment of the US hotel lodging industry is that there are 12 leading hotel chains, which have different hotel branches within that chain. Each accommodate different types of guest some business other families and different amount of employees, properties and rooms. Some may have fewer amounts of properties and a lot more rooms to offer so have more revenue like the Marriott and others offer more properties with almost the same amount of rooms as the Marriott but have less revenue. 2. How would you characterize Joie de Vivre’s strategy for its Good Hotel brand? Is the hotel’s commitment to social responsibility an important component of its competitive strategy? The JDV strategy for its Good Hotel brand is a very good and working strategy because they respond to the psychological needs of the consumer, if you can get consumers to think of the product as their need and wants then you have a loyal (come again) customer. Responding to the Green awareness make consumers that are interested in the movement feels connected to the overall plan for the environment. They feel that by staying in such hotels then they are doing their part to make life more sustainable. The green movement is definitely part of the hotelier’s strategy to gain competitive advantage and continue growth. The JDV has established reputation for creating one of the most unique collections of lifestyle hotels. 3. Describe the key strategy implementation efforts at the Good Hotel brand. Has management allocated sufficient resources to the strategy execution effort? Exercised strong leadership to propel strategy execution forward? Instituted policies and procedures that facilitate good strategy execution? The key strategy
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