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The following is guidance to help you complete the ERR workbook Task 1. There is lots of legislation that covers employment. Information on the legislation can be found on and You must state the main features of each legislation and why the legislation is in place. Task 2. Where would you go if you need to get advice about your rights as an employee? Information can be found on and Task 3. For this you will need a copy of your contract to discuss with your assessor. This will include the disciplinary procedure, your contracted hours, annual leave and absences. Task 4. You can find some information regarding…show more content…
You will need a copy of the Grievance policy and procedure. Task 6. Your employer will tell you what information they have about you. Where is this stored and why? Who should have access to your information? Task 7. You will need a copy of your job description for this task. How does your role affect the running of the service? ( Think about if you do not report and record information, what will happen? What happens if you ring in sick for a shift? How does this affect the service, your colleagues and the clients? On the flip side, what happens if you record and report information and turn up for work?) Task 8. In your role you will work with lots of agencies, companies and professionals. An example of this may be a district nurse or GP. It may be day centres etc. Write a list, explain their role and how you work alongside them. Task 9. What do you need to progress to more senior roles? Do you need more qualifications and experience? For example what do you need to become a Senior, Deputy Manager, Manager and Nurse? Research the different career paths and what you need to do to reach them. Task 10. This is self explanatory. See attached (back page) Task 11. For this you need to research 3 issues ready to discuss with your

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