ENGR 800: Engineering Communication

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ENGR 800: Engineering Communications Fall 2012 Instructor: sstewart@sfsu.edu Time: 6:10-8:55pm (165 min including 20 min break in the middle) Location: TA1 Office hours: during 20 min intermission, 20 min after class, and by appointment Course Description Types and modes of communications used by engineers in professional practice. Learning models for effective communications, both oral and written. Required Reference Materials Elements of Style, William Strunk Jr. Pocket Book of Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists, Leo Finkelstein, Jr. The Assertiveness Workbook, Randy J. Paterson, Ph.D. Grading Modified curve, typically (25%, 45%, 25%, 5% - A, B, C, D, F) Final paper: 30% Exams & quizzes: 20%…show more content…
-------------------------------------------------  Class attendance is mandatory.  There will be NO make-up exams and NO incomplete grades without a documented and verifiable excuse.  All homework is due at the start of class one week from the day assigned (unless otherwise indicated). If you cannot make it to the class, please ask a friend to bring it for you to class. No late homework will be accepted.  All exams and quizzes are closed-book, closed-notes.  Any questions about grading must be brought to the attention of the instructor within one week after the item in question is returned to class. Your request must include a short written statement describing your question or concern.  Everyone is responsible for his/her own enrollment in the course including dropping and withdrawing.  Computer, Ipod, cell phone and lecture recordings are NOT allowed during the class lectures. Week 1: Aug. 29 * Handling registration issues…show more content…
Students who don’t have a data set should replicate afigure from one of the papers they are reading. This assignment is separate from the ongoing mid-semester summary assignment. * Reading for next week: * Finkelstein, pages 269-290, (Visuals) Week 5: Oct. 3 * Collect data set homework assignment. * Group 1 Presentations on literature review. * Peer review of presentations. * Homework: * Begin your final writing assignment (due week 12). * Expand literature search to add 1 more relevant paper per week. The final paper should be in the form of a review article with a minimum of 12 references. The paper should be properly formatted and 4-5 pages long. This may serve as the starting point for master’s research or thesis. The students are expected to consult with their faculty advisors. Week 6: Oct. 10 * Group 2 Presentations on literature review. * Peer review of presentations. * Homework: * Study for midterm exam in 2 weeks. * Continue work on final writing assignment. Week 7: Oct. 17 * Group 3 Presentations on literature

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