EDS 653A Coaching Evaluation Report

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EDLS 653A Coaching Evaluation #4 I went to a local middle school to watch a friend (Caroline) run a practice. She coaches middle school volleyball, at Linkhorne Middle School. I figured that I should probably observe another sport, and different age, of something that I am familiar with. It was quite the interesting practice! The girl’s were very social with each other! They listened when they were supposed to, and worked hard. They worked harder when they were bribed with incentives, like candy! I used the Effective Teaching Model for this observation. Caroline really embeds that if they practice hard, they will get more playing time. Since she has a pretty big squad, and because it is Middle School Volleyball, she has to play…show more content…
For example, light and design. For sports, you don’t have much of an option of how to handle the sun in your eyes as it is setting, or the cold or hot weather during your season. I learned a lot through watching Caroline coach, and found her practice plan to be effective, and overall a success for her topic that day. This model really helped me break down the different elements that a leader needs to practice in their own organization. It was really helpful with my own practice plans, and I have since continued to use it. I make sure that I switch up how I teach a concept, and make sure that my drills are always different, although, they are always a progression. Sometimes I will use individual skills, then make them pair up and use their skills on each other, then scrimmage at the end so they can see how to put it to use. Other times, I will go from a big group drill, and break it down from there, until they get down to doing the skill by themselves. I learned that everyone has a different learning style, and by mapping out your practice with this effective teaching model, helps keep you focused on your group, and progression, versus focusing on a few kids at once. Seeing Caroline’s practice helped me realize
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