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E113 TMA02 Part 1 – Essay Discuss how you could use theories and views of motivation to influence the motivation of people in sport and fitness environments. Motivation is understanding why people do things and using this to try to influence them to work towards goals and objectives. Mullins (cited in Rea and Lingam-Willgoss, 2014, p.60) suggests ‘motivation is a driving force through which people strive to achieve their goals and fulfil a need or uphold a value’. Motivation is a much used term in the Sport and Fitness environment. This essay will discuss three different theories of motivation and how they can be used to influence people within Sport and Fitness environments. Looking at the application of these theories and how motivation is affected will help achieve better performance in that environment. Getting the best out of people in Sport and Fitness environments is paramount to achieving optimal performance. Therefore, having a sound knowledge of motivation will help to develop individual and team performance. This essay will look at the trait centred view, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and Weiner’s attribution theory (Weiner, 1985) and how they can be applied to Sport and Fitness environments. One view of motivation is that the personality and characteristics of an individual will determine their motivation. This is known as the trait centred view. Motivation is thought to come from inside of the individual. In the trait centred view, ‘psychologists would agree that the motivated behaviour is largely determined by personality, needs and goals of the athlete, exerciser or employee’ (Weinberg and Gould, cited in Rea, 2009, p.79). The trait centred view, however, doesn’t take the situation and environment into consideration. It assumes that a person will be motivated the same regardless of their environment. This might be the case with some

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