Personal Relations Is More Important Than Cause Of Patriotism

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There comes a time when the loyalty we have towards our country becomes something very difficult to manage. There’s a point when it is considered a horrible thing to betray underneath your breath. To betray America is to betray our freedom and liberty. To oppose America is to oppose one. That is, if you consider each person a piece of a whole and forgets their individuality, and uniqueness. E.M. Foster argues that personal relations are more important than causes of patriotism and I agree. People have individual cares and concerns which must be brought up from original angles. You cannot solve four people’s problems with the same concept. The same as you cannot please four people with the same meal. To treat one’s concerns as those of a whole is what representational government is all about. However, a personal relation of yours may treat you and your problems as distinctive from all others and will sympathize with you. Your government, your country, will not feel sorry with you unless you are part of a majority. Compassion is valuable and is not something to be taken lightly. Roman philosopher and moralist Seneca says, “No control is satisfying without a companion”. To have freedom, to have a nice home, and to have the…show more content…
Each side portrays a correct argument but you must decide what you are looking for in return when you give your loyalty, and trust. When looking for someone to back you up and help you through the hard times, you must always choose the side of your friend because they are always there for you ready to assist you in any way. If what you desire most is to be ignored and as if they aren’t acknowledging you, then you should stand strongly by your country. When you are dealing with such a crowd there is no attention, so you will certainly be pushed aside like so much paperwork on a secretary’s
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