E.H. Carr Essay

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Between the end of eighteenth and the middle of nineteenth century there were several scholars, who were interested in examining the origin of international politics as well as development of it. One of the most significant figures was Edward Hallet Carr (1892-1982). He was known as a historian, diplomat, journalist, and international relations theorist. The bibliography of his works is quiet big; however, the essay will focus on his “Twenty Year’s Crisis: An introduction to the Study of international relations” work. The main purpose of the paper is to analyze and summarize the first chapter of the book in which Carr writes about how society started to apprehend the international politics as a social science, provides a reader with the relevance of purpose and analysis in political science, and focuses on idealism and realism, as a fundamental in international relations. Until the 1914, guidance of international politics was a matter of experts drawn into this field, especially in democratic countries. The opinion that war was for armed force and that the results of it was a job for diplomats was taken for granted until the war of 1914-1918 occurred. Suddenly, society had a wish to participate in international affairs; as a result the belief that politics should be studied only by professionals was destroyed. People started to protest against the “mysterious contracts” that were signed by diplomats. Protestants thought that exactly this may be the reason for a war. However, according to the article the negligence of people was responsible for the emergence of war. The importance of the protest of people is that this gave a start to a new science. Carr states that before the analysis there is always a starting point, which is called a wish or aim. There is also a quote directly describing it, “The wish is father to the thought”. This statement is relevant to both
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