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A Revolutionary Icon: E.E. Cummings E.E. Cummings is one of the most recognized poets of his generation for creativity. No one else has dared to attempt to imitate such wordplay. Imagine turning nouns into verbs and adjectives into nouns, yet still forming coherent fragments of poetry. This world renown artist will astonish and confuse the reader, then leave room for craving more. E.E. Cummings was a famous, advanced poet and artist that had a unique form to his work, and always revealed the beauty in the most ordinary objects, while inspiring future poets everywhere. Throughout his entire life Cummings was extremely advanced in literature. As early as two, he showed an unusual intelligence for the English language. “For his 2nd birthday he got letter blocks, and four months later he knew the alphabet”(“Edward Estlin Cummings”). He even went to 7th grade when he was nine for his reading skills. Cummings always had a gift for literature and even art. “Young E.E. developed a talent for writing poetry early on, and ‘remembered that he always wrote poetry, and he also said that as far back as he could remember, he was writing and painting’”(Dumas 20). Since his parents were very liberal and supporting role models in Cummings’s life, it is understandable how he could grow and form into one of America’s greatest poets. They always encouraged him to keep a journal and express his ideas. Edward Cummings seemed to have a different way of writing that shows a very creative form and style. He had the ability to take the simplest grouping of words and transform them into unexplainable art. A reviewer said his poems looked, “like the ruins of a typecasting establishment” (“Edward Estlin Cummings”). His writing looks as if he takes lines and literally crumbles them together and lays them out. Many critics hated Cummings for the way he wrote, but no matter what, they could

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