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Employability and Entrepreneurship 2BUS0179 Career Action Plan Module Leader: Andrew Francis Course: BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Student: NAME ID No. 23rd March 2007 Table of Contents 1.0 Occupational Research 3 1.1 Terms of reference 3 1.2 Methodology 3 1.3 Main findings 3 1.3.1 General employment trends in my sector/occupation 3 1.3.2 Opportunities for recent graduates 4 1.3.3 The skills/knowledge and experience required 7 1.3.4 How graduates are selected in my organisations 8 2.0 Personal Analysis and CV/Covering Letter Preparation 10 2.1 Personal analysis 10 2.2 CV/Covering letter 10 3.0 Gap Analysis and Career Action Planning 11 3.1 Gap analysis 11 3.2 Career action planning 11 3.2.1 Knowledge 11 3.2.2 General skills 11 3.2.3 Experience 11 4.0 Conclusion 13 5.0 References and Bibliography 14 Appendices 15 Appendix 1 - Graduate Employment Resources Checklist 15 Appendix 2 18 Appendix 3 21 Appendix 4 24 1.0 Occupational Research 1.1 Terms of reference This is a report in which it is to investigate the opportunities available for a recent graduate who has studied a degree course in accounting and finance; and is to pursue a career as a Chartered Certified Accountant. The report will identify the skills, knowledge and experience required to apply for a graduate position from a choice of six organisations. 1.2 Methodology Research is to be carried out from a range or both primary and secondary research sources. Primary research information will be acquired from telephone calls with a local Hertfordshire accounting and audits firm, Hillier Hopkins LLP, in which details on how to become a professional accountant, after graduation will be obtained. Information from a CIMA and ACCA careers talk has also supported the findings of this report. Extensive secondary research will be investigated upon, which will highlight

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