E Valuate How Learning Activities Have Affected Practice

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E valuate how learning activities have affected practice There are several ways of learning and only by learning can we affect how we practice our work in a more improved efficient manner. I believe we learn more by our mistakes, which from that knowledge; we can then improve the service. A theory known as Lewin/Kolb cycle puts into practice a learning activity which should then improve future practice. The general theory is as follows: 1) concrete experience -where something happens to you or you do something, even an everyday event. 2) Reflective observation-where you think about it. 3) Abstract conceptualisation- you think about how it fits into a pattern or theory and work out some rules. 4) Active experimentation-the next time the same situation occurs, you apply your rules/theories. As a result, this will make your experience different from the first time. This can be applied to different factors, therefore you continue to reflect, think and work out different solutions. An example would be working with someone for the first time who is unable to speak; 1) you offer him a drink which he doesn’t want so pushes it away. 2) you reflect why he didn’t want the drink. 3) you try a different solution, drink and approach. 4) You analyse the options and alternatives and different ways of presenting or offering the drink. That cycle is an Activist-Reflector-Pragmatist-Theorist, formation. Another learning style could be Honey and Mumfords; four stage styles. Stage 1: Activists-people who concentrate on experience. Stage 2: Reflectors- people who like to stand back and think about experience. Stage 3: Theorists-people who like to concentrate on analysis. Stage 4: Pragmatists-people who like to try things out. Other ways to affect our working practice can be from learning off our more experienced colleagues, working and discussing issues as a team reading text

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