A Red Girl's Reasoning Summary

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Theme E. Pauline Johnson's "A Red Girl's Reasoning" comments on cultural differences between the dominant white North American culture and the Native culture. In "A Red Girl's Reasoning", an Englishman loses his Native wife as a result of his narrow-mindedness towards her culture. we see how the white culture has affected the Native characters. The authors' use of point of view, descriptive diction, and the characters' actions, help convey their themes of cultural differences between Natives and the dominant white culture. Pont of View. Through Johnson's points of view, we see the emotions which surround the Native characters. Johnson uses point of view to convey her theme of social and cultural differences in "A Red Girl's Reasoning." However, the point of view used is the third person omniscient. Through this point of the view, the author allows us to see both the white man's view and the Native American's view. The reader sees how Christie's white husband, Charlie, views…show more content…
And he accomplished his fondness for Indianness by loving and marrying the daughter of an English trader who himself had married a native woman twenty years ago. Charles Mc Donald was attracted at first sight by Christine's appearance and he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. Their marriage was unceremonious, the priest ran the service in Latin, blessed the couple in English and congratulated them in the Indian language. Charles was very happy that he didn't have to undergo the usual marriage ceremonies. Charlie's friends flattered Christine like anything, but in face she was just an ordinary, pale, dark girl who spoke slowly and with a strong accent, who could sing and dance. She was never seen outside without her husband, of which Charlie was proud. She became instantly popular, and became the center of attraction in the social circles, because she always dressed in

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