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This report outlines how e-marketing has come into play with everyday life. E-marketing is a new form of marketing model that differ from the conventional marketing traditions. E-marketing is seen as techniques and principles that relate only to electronic environments. The report goes in-depth with current technology’s that are facing e-marketing concepts. Social media sites like Facebook have had rapid growth in the number of people using the services this also applies for search engines and applications. Through the development of these technology’s the future advancements for marketing will consistent be changing as there are always new people entering the digital word. E-marketing described by Pattinson “is marketing in computer-mediated environments (CMEs) usually referring to the World Wide Webs” and Quirk.biz “refers to the application of marketing principles and techniques via electronic media and more specifically the Internet.” The links of e-marketing has had on marketing is the ability for the customer to give direct feedback to the firm. It creates the potential to connect to a business processes, with allows e-marketing to provide direct contact and access to the firms resource. Seen in appendix 1.1 the sender receiver model is an example of how the receiver acknowledges or confirms the message. E-marketing is able to grab the full attention of there audience as marketers are able to produce advertisements for a direct age group, gender, culture, and so on. Advertising through TV or radio may not grab the attention as people maybe doing other duties as they may become distracted (this is called noise). This also allows firms to provide customized support where customers have access to product documentation, and electronic communications with engineers. Customers are now becoming unified with firm’s product/service development lifecycle, which

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