E-Learning vs. Classroom Learning Essay

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E-learning vs. classroom learning The world today is a dynamic place, where what is valid now tomorrow may not have the same value; however the only constant is change. The demands of globalization impose ever greater challenges, as a result modern organizations require update the material, and most importantly, human capacity. It would be impossible to fulfill these needs using traditional ways and this is precisely where distance education has shown higher effectiveness. Merely, the debate of e-learning compared to classroom learning is growing as new technologies offer more opportunities to access training and knowledge. Undoubtedly, distance education and face education differ in some ways such as, location of apprenticeship, information sources and time. What about people who want to study and do not have enough resources for transportation? The solution for this problem is virtual learning thanks to that kind of education takes place with no fixed location, contrast to traditional learning where the training takes place within the classroom and the school. Major companies of virtual education in the United States report that virtual student enrollments grew 60% in the American continent and added that one of the factors that influenced was the student does not have to move anywhere to receive classes. They only need a computer and internet access. How many times students tell their teachers that their backpacks are too heavy and they can’t carry all their books with them every day? This is one of the biggest problems that normal education has. To make matters worse not always you need to carry with all those things, already it is only used in certain occasions, conversely of e-learning where course content and activities are provided online. The time is a precious treasure and while better is administrated, better will be the results. People decide

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