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A CASE STUDY REPORT: Change and Innovation Management in Implementing Brunei Darussalam Healthcare Information and Management System (Bru-HIMS) Outline: 1. Introduction -Background of Bru-HIMS -New management system 2. Literature Review * John Kotter’s eight stages process of change * Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation Theory 3. Analysis & Discussion -Management change: Planning, Organise, Controlling and Leading 4. Recommendation & Conclusion 5. References 1. Introduction The government of Brunei Darussalam has been allocating certain amount of budget every year to provide free or low cost medical and health care services to his local citizens. Uniform personnel such as police and soldier as well as their dependents are excluded from paying the fee. Though Bruneians enjoy free or low cost medical services and the population of the country is small, people have long been experiencing poor and slow services in government hospitals and clinics. Due to problem mentioned, Ministry of Health (M.O.H) Brunei Darussalam implemented an e-health project based primarily on proven solution which has been adopted by various hospitals in the world. The e-health project is now rebranded as Brunei Darussalam Healthcare Information and Management System (Bru-HIMS) which is currently an on-going process. The objective is to develop health databases and information system that support operational, professional and managerial functions of medical care and primary healthcare services. This will be achieved by the introduction of integrated Healthcare Information System that integrates relevant disciplines in medical and primary healthcare such as medical team, laboratory, radiology and pharmacy. Every episode of medical investigations and treatment from any treatment centres will be consolidated into one patient’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR). To ensure
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