E-Governance in Bangladesh Essay

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Abstract One of the prime objectives of government organizations in a country is to deliver quality services to the country’s citizens. But historically, this is the most elusive issue in the eyes of common citizens, which is especially true for a country like Bangladesh. Now-a-days, e-governance is perhaps the most talked about issue proposed by many scholars as well as professionals for innovating ways of quality service delivery. The main objective of this article is to examine the possibility of introducing it in Bangladesh. This article shows possible benefits of e-governance regarding service delivery. Though the people are lagging far behind in using ICT, it is observed that e-governance can be introduced if the government takes necessary measures in a planned and concerted way for a long-term basis. Introduction In recent times, there is a renewed focus on delivering better public services to citizen. Governments of both developed and developing countries are adopting various possible measures for satisfying citizen demands by offering improved public goods and services. They have to compete with the private sector in this regard. Many scholars as well as practitioners are suggesting the idea of introducing e-governance for improving public service delivery, for ensuring transparency and accountability of the government activities and thus establishing democracy through people’s participation. E-governance is synonymously used as good governance. This article is an attempt to examine the Bangladesh’s prospects of adopting e-governance for attaining effective and efficient government which is reflected in improving public service delivery. Public service Public service may be defined as all activities delivered by government to fulfill those needs that society requires to go through life. (Anwaruddin, 2005) [1]. In other words, Public

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