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Tiffany Boyer An Analysis E. E. Cummings “Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond” Edward Estlin Cummings, more commonly known as E. E. Cummings, was said to be one of most innovative of twentieth-century poets. The specific poem I’m analyzing, which is “Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond,” is from his collection ViVa, which was composed in 1931. This poem never officially had a title, so the first line of it was how this poem was grown to be referred to- as how all his other poems are referred to also. This poem is obviously a romantic love poem, which Cummings is very well recognized for, but this one is said to be one of his best. This poem explores the depth of love, and the even deeper effects it can have on one who is in it. The speaker in this poem- believed to be Cummings but not confirmed to be so- is entranced by how his love makes him feel. Throughout the poem, the speaker speaks of the power, the entrancement, the uncontrollable effect love has on him, and speaks about his love for the love and it’s effect on him. The intensity of emotion in this poem leads the reader to believe it’s a first hand experience, which makes the reader think even more that the speaker is Cummings. It’s also ironic when this poem was published, because it was during his two-year marriage to Anne Barton. This would make one believe it was undoubtedly due to his love for her. But a year shortly after the couple divorced. Stanza one starts out with the title “Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond.” After reading that line alone, the reader already has an idea of the direction of the poem. A positive light is suggested in just those seven words, and especially by the word “gladly,” and the tone is set for the rest of the poem. That opening line also informs the reader that the speaker is about to tell of a journey, which can be assumed

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