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E-Hotel – “The Hotel Venture” A Business Plan outline for E-Commerce Initiative Author Note This Assignment is prepared for MBA Course, Futuristic Marketing. Abstract Planning plays an important role in whatever the job we are involved in. Without a proper plan we may end up in a disaster. Food, Shelter and Clothing are the three major essential needs for every human existing in this competitive world. Food is the major part in our day to day life only by having it a human can be able to survive. As the life is constraint to time, many prefer to take food from restaurant. Besides, many want to enjoy with new variety of food which should be health conscious. In order to develop a hotel venture, Quality of Food and Service with kind is the major criteria which customers look at. E-HOTEL – “THE HOTEL VENTURE” A Business Plan outline for E-Commerce Initiative In olden days, it was a hectic job for the Hoteliers to market their products and services to customers and they have given abundant efforts to reap profit. Starting a hotel venture is not at all a simple procedure which everyone can able to do. One, who is aspiring to start a hotel venture, must be aware of the business which they are going to commence. One who is technically sound in business that is of making money by profit. The Hotelier must consider all the major factors regarding the growth of the Venture. Based on all these planning, the business will be able to reach all the customers to satisfy their needs. As the technology has reached greater heights, the industries are moving towards the computers and internet. The Hotel Venture also must be in a position to adopt those advancements. By adapting these advancements, the Hotelier can make profit with less investment and less effort. The effort required in E-Business is very much low when compared to that of normal business. It does not

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