E-Commerce Business Models Essay

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Mirpur University of Science & Technology Department of CS & IT E-Commerce Business Models Security Issues and their Solutions….. Submitted By: Jahanzeb Hafeez Mirza Submitted To: Professor Nahman Ratyal Roll No. 07 BS (IT) - 7th Morning 7/3/2012 E-Commerce Business Models E-commerce Business Models: * Business model – set of planned activities designed to result in a profit in a marketplace * Business plan – document that describes a firm’s business model * E-commerce business model – aims to use and leverage the unique qualities of Internet and Web Categorising E-commerce Business models: * No one correct way * We categorize business models according to e-commerce sector (B2C, B2B, and C2C) * Type of e-commerce technology used can also affect classification of a business model * Some companies use multiple business models B2C Business Models: * E-tailer/Storefront model * Portal model * Content Provider * Transaction Broker * Market Creator * Service Provider E-tailer/Storefront Model: * The customers and the seller interact directly, e.g. amazon.com, dell.com, play.com * Organise an online catalogue of products * Take orders through Web site (Shopping cart technology) * Accept payments in a secure environment * Send merchandise to customers * Manage customer data * Market Web site to potential customers * Revenue through product sales * Low barriers to entry -> very competitive Portal Model: * Portal sites give visitors access to a variety of information in one place * News, sport, weather, online shopping, searching * Revenue through charging advertisers and charging for premium services * Charging strategies for portals: * charge merchants for a link * per
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