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Overview of Mobile Applications Mobile Commerce Applications Application Examples of Offered Services Mobile Banking Mobile Accounting Mobile Brokerage Mobile Financial Information Mobile Entertainment Mobile Gaming Download of Music and Ring Tones Download of Videos and Digital Images Location-based Entertainment Services Mobile Information Services Current Affairs (Financial, Sport and other News) Travel Information Tracking Services (Persons and Objects) Mobile Search Engines and Directories Mobile Office Mobile Marketing Mobile Couponing Direct (context-sensitive) Marketing Organisation of Mobile Events Mobile Newsletters Mobile Shopping Mobile Purchasing of Goods and Services 64 Mobile Applications & Methods of Payment Mobile Commerce Applications Mobile Ticketing Public Transport Sport- and Cultural Events Air- und Rail-Traffic Mobile Parking Telematics Services Remote Diagnosis and Maintenance of Vehicles Navigation Services Vehicle Tracking and Theft Protection Emergency Services Table 1: Mobile Commerce services & applications The applications are described briefly in the following: Mobile Banking: This application makes it possible to complete bankrelated transactions, e.g. checking account status, transferring money and selling stocks, via mobile devices, independent of the current user location. Mobile Entertainment: On the one hand, this application contains services that provide the user digital data with entertainment value on mobile devices, e.g. ring-tones, music and videos. On the other hand it opens an array of interactive services, e.g. betting, gaming, dating and chatting. Mobile Information Services: This term refers to mobile services that provide subscribers with content of informational character. Examples of such services are news updates of any nature (finance, politics, sport etc.),

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