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The Fairy tales we deserve The Disney Stories that enchant us are drawn from ancient, worldwide folk tradition. Some folklorists believe that “Cinderella” in its most basic form—neglected youngest child is tested, found worthy, rewarded with mate—dates back to the Old Stone Age. Cinderella Folk versions of” Cinderella” were related in hundreds of societies. In these stories, the “test” for unfortunate child is different. Our familiar Cinderella is magnificent and has tiny feet. By contract, the Japanese Cinderella gets her prince by writing a prize-winning poem. Other fairytales include: 1. Little Red Riding Hood 2. Three little pigs 3. Beauty and the Beast© TCTC practical exercises Module 3 January Test | Name | Surname | Germany | English | Afrikaans | Xurereb | Norbert | 98 | 42 | 85 | Spiteri | Richard | 53 | 45 | 75 | Biffa poala | Paola | 42 | 25 | 48 | Borg | Clive | 82 | 85 | 55 | Caruana | Michelle | 25 | 45 | 25 | Laptop VS Desktop Computer Both desktop and laptop computers have advantages and disadvantages. If you are trying to determine which option will best suit your needs, take a look at the advantages and benefits each of them offers. laptopAdvantages of a desktop computer, as compared to a laptop computer: • Desktop computers have more power and more features. • Desktop computers are easier, and less expensive, to upgrade. • Desktop computers are generally less expensive overall and offer a better overall value. • Desktop computers have a more comfortable keyboard and a much easier to use mouse. It should be noted that an aftermarket large, comfortable mouse and mouse pad are also possible with a laptop. • Desktop computers have larger monitors. • Desktop computers are generally easier, and less expensive, to repair. • Desktop computers have a lower risk of theft, which means less chance of

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