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Security in Wireless Sensor Networks: Issues and Challenges Al-Sakib Khan Pathan Department of Computer Engg. Kyung Hee University, Korea spathan@networking.khu.ac.kr Hyung-Woo Lee Department of Software Hanshin University, Korea hwlee@hs.ac.kr Choong Seon Hong Department of Computer Engg. Kyung Hee University, Korea cshong@khu.ac.kr Abstract  Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is an emerging technology that shows great promise for various futuristic applications both for mass public and military. The sensing technology combined with processing power and wireless communication makes it lucrative for being exploited in abundance in future. The inclusion of wireless communication technology also incurs various types of security threats. The intent of this paper is to investigate the security related issues and challenges in wireless sensor networks. We identify the security threats, review proposed security mechanisms for wireless sensor networks. We also discuss the holistic view of security for ensuring layered and robust security in wireless sensor networks. Keywords  Sensor, Security, Attack, Holistic, Challenge. size of sensors, consequently the processing power, memory and type of tasks expected from the sensors. We discuss these issues and challenges in this paper. To address the critical security issues in wireless sensor networks we talk about cryptography, steganography and other basics of network security and their applicability in Section 2. We explore various types of threats and attacks against wireless sensor network in Section 3. Section 4 reviews the related works and proposed schemes concerning security in WSN and also introduces the view of holistic security in WSN. Finally Section 5 concludes the paper delineating the research challenges and future trends toward the research in wireless sensor network security. 1. Introduction Wireless

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