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Differences between web Ads and traditional advertisements Advertising online and offline are altogether different things. Following are the main differences between the web ads and traditional advertisement. Segmentation: In web advertisements, market segmentation can be done in a way that an add can only be viewed by a certain segment of viewers. This is possible in email advertisements, like if we want our web ad to be viewed only by a 25-30 years male living in Europe, having income range of more than 20,000 $ p.a and having interest in cars, we can give web add in Hotmail or Yahoo to only those people who have above mentioned characteristics. Because when anybody signs-up for the email service like Hotmail or Yahoo, they are being asked for personal details like age, gender, location, income, education, interest and hobbies etc. and email users will receive ads according to the information given by the email user. In this way web ads can be segmented or in other words the potential target market can be hit thru these web ads. The traditional adverts like a bill boards, newspaper/ TV ads is seen by all segments of society; most of these people are not in any way our target market. Cost: Which one is cost effective Web ads or offline ads? This is debatable the current rate of web advertisements, which is measured in units of CPM (It stands for Cost per Mille which means cost per thousand impressions or views, i.e. at the rate of 0.25 $CPM means when a web ads had been seen by thousand people the advertiser will have to pay 0.25$) or in the units of CPC (Cost per Click). If a web ads is seen by 1 million people and it cost 250,000 Rs and we compare its price with the a TV ad which is seen by 1 million people and it also cost 250,000 Rs. But this doesn’t mean that both of these cost equally. Out of 1 millions hits on web may be 90% could be our

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